Acknowledgement to Reviewers

Our dear authors, when your papers are revised over and over again and finally accepted for publication, you must be thrilled. However, have you ever realized how the reviewers review your papers, provide critical evaluation and constructive revision opinions, and always give you quick response?
It’s recognized that reviewing papers is a hard, time-consuming, and unfortunately, unpaid job. The reviewers’ conscientious attitude and unrequited dedication enable the fast and concise decisions of the editorial board and the quick publication of papers, guarantee the excellent quality of papers and high scientific standard of the Bowen journals.
We owe the reviewers our sincerest gratitude and hereby extend an acknowledgement to a group of reviewers for their strong support to Bowen. Thank you!
Our special thanks go to the reviewers listed below and some others whose names are not here:

Dr. Mohammad Hamed Firooz, USA
Prof. Benoit Weil, France
Dr. José Reinaldo Silva, Brazil
Dr. Watanabe, Japan
Dr. Dongrong Xu, USA
Dr. Alessandro Perina, USA
Dr. Michele Nappi, Italy
Dr. Michelle M. Zhu, USA
Dr. Charles Fox, UK
Prof. Alexander Marcus Seifalian, UK
Dr. Evan Paul Cherniack, USA
Dr. Ify Osunkwo, USA
Dr. Hong Wu, USA
Dr. Hazel Roddam, UK
Prof. Andrea Benedetto, Italy
Prof. Chunghua Shen, Taiwan
Prof. Barry N. Haack, USA
Prof. Chunhua Zhang, Canada
Prof. Manchikanti L., USA
Prof. Runhuan Feng, USA
Dr. Gordon Liu, UK
Prof. Juan C. Reboredo, Spain
Prof. Dionysis Bochtis, Denmark
Dr. Guangnan Chen, Australia
Dr. Claus Sorensen, Denmark
Prof. Yoko Ota, Japan
Prof. Dmitry M. Sonechkin, Russia
Dr. Prashant Srivastava, UK
Prof. Shuangyi Liu, USA
Prof. Watheq El-Kharashy, Canada
Dr. Guangyi Sun, USA
Prof. Önderpekcan, Canadav Dr. Rudolf Umla, UK
Prof. Ali Abolmaali, USA
Dr. Payman Dehghanian, USA
Prof. Víctor M. Alfaro, Spain
Prof. Hiroyuki Kagami, Japan
Dr. Ahmad Mozaffari, Canada
Dr. VahidReza Adineh, Australia
Dr. Sundararajan Natarajan, Australia
Prof. Keigo Watanabe, Japan
Prof. Jun Su-il, Brazil
Dr. Carlos Roberto Ilário da Silva, Brazil
Prof.José Carlos Pereira, Brazil
Dr. Dayong Shen, USA
Dr. Takashi Morikiyo, Japan
Dr. Dongrong Xu, USA
Prof. Justin Keogh, Australia
Dr. Gurprit Lall, UK
Dr. Sulafa Mohammed, Brazil
Dr. Sonia María Gómez Puente, Netherlands
Dr. Yateendra Mishra, Australia
Dr. Jesús Requena-Carrión, Spain
Dr. Katia Perini, Italy
Dr. De-Yi Zhang, Canada
Dr. Ignazio Dimino, Italy
Prof. Fuad Alnajjar, USA
Dr.Karri Rama Rao, Singapore
Dr. Wei Hua HO, South Africa